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Edinboro wheelchair basketball hopes successful 2014-15 season is launchpad for future

Story first appeared in the March 26, 2015 edition of the Edinboro University Spectator and was distributed on campus and around the town of Edinboro.

A win-loss record of 15-22, on paper, seems like a down season for many sports teams. For Edinboro’s wheelchair basketball team, it is a move in the right direction.

The Scots finished the 2014-15 season with 15 wins and 22 losses, the best record in recent years, and the squad captured sixth place at the NIWBT Championships in Missouri earlier this month.

“It was a great season,” head coach Jim Glatch said in a phone interview. “It was definitely the kind of season we can grow off of.”

This is the first season in the last three years where Boro has achieved double-digit wins as the squad went 5-23 in the 2012-13 season and 4-26 in last year’s campaign.

The squad’s increase win total has been brought about by a better product on the court. Edinboro averaged 43.7 points per game this season compared to 33.7 a year ago. Additionally, Glatch’s group is taking care of the ball more, averaging five less turnovers per game compared to last season.

A core group of players emerged as leaders on the court as the season progressed, spearheaded by Derek Strickland and Mike Adams.

“On the positive, we had our first All-American in years [in Strickland] and Mikey Adams was a second-team All-American, as a sophomore, that is incredible,” Glatch commented. “He is only going to get better. At the national tournament we saw things from him that he was getting better at over the year. He came up to me after the last game and said, ‘Hey, I get it now and I’m looking forward to next year.’”

The supporting cast played an integral role as well as some of those characters took leading roles on occasion.

“Blake Rush in his last six of seven games, he averaged 10 or more points,” Glatch noted. “His game is starting to get to a level where he is playing great. Defensively Derek [Strickland] has been great all year, and is a leader.”

Glatch described this season as “fun,” and hopes it isn’t just an anomaly.

“The best part is everyone is back for another two seasons,” he said. “We have to bolster the bench a little bit and find a couple ball players that will takes us over the hump here as we get to the next level.”


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