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MacPhail to become Phillies president

Story first posted on on June 29, 2015.

The resignation of Ryne Sandberg last week was the first of what is sure to be many changes for the Philadelphia Phillies in the coming future.

Another change came Monday afternoon.

The Philadelphia Phillies announced in a press conference Monday afternoon at Citizen’s Bank Park that longtime front office executive Andy MacPhail will become the team’s president after the 2015 season.

MacPhail will begin working immediately as a special assistant to Pat Gillick, the team’s current president, as Gillick will continue in his role for the remainder of the season.

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly first reported the rumors of MacPhail’s hiring back on June 15.

The team released a statement via their twitter page detailing the hire.

MacPhail has an impressive MLB resume, but has been out of baseball for a few years. He was the General Manager of the Minnesota Twins from 1985-1994, where he won two World Series (1987 and 1991). Additionally, he spent two years at the GM of the Chicago Cubs. He also was the President of Baseball Operations for the Baltimore Orioles from 2007-11.

During his press conference, MacPhail and the ownership, represented by John Middleton, talked at length about their love for sabermetrics.

The one unknown still is the fate of current GM, Ruben Amaro Jr., who has come under a lot of scrutiny with the decline of success of the Phillies. With the already moving parts, with more to come, Amaro is most likely on his way out.


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