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Edinboro Triathlon Club competes in Lake George Olympic-Distance Triathlon

Story first appeared on Sept. 17, 2015 in the Spectator and on on Sept. 19, 2015.

EU’s Triathlon Club (from left-to-right) is Dylan Cerroni, Josh Sibbald, Brianne Vogan, Dana Cerroni and Benjamin Miller (Contributed Photo).
EU’s Triathlon Club (from left-to-right) is Dylan Cerroni, Josh Sibbald, Brianne Vogan, Dana Cerroni and Benjamin Miller (Contributed Photo).


These pages are usually filled with stories about Edinboro students whom excel in their respective sport, such as swimming or running. This time, a few Fighting Scots who excel in all of swimming, running and biking are taking the headlines.
Edinboro University’s Triathlon Club competed earlier this month in the Lake George Olympic-Distance Triathlon in the first Northeastern Collegiate Triathlon Conference event for the club. The event demanded the tri-athletes to swim nearly a mile, bike 24.8 miles and run 6.2 miles. In all, 113 triathletes competed.

Representing Edinboro were Dylan and Dana Cerroni, Benjamin Miller and Josh Sibbald. Dylan finished 30th with a time of 2:23.31, with Dana close behind in 37th, boasting a time of 2:27.54. Miller took 61st with a time of 2:38.55 and Sibbald finished in 71st clocking in at 2:43.26.

“I am so proud of the studentathletes, they work hard in school and in training and deserve recognition for putting Edinboro University on the collegiate triathlon level,” Brianne Vogan, Edinboro Triathlon Club advisor said. “This club is going to exceed expectations and I am excited to see how well they do at nationals and beyond.”

Vogan got in on the action herself as she competed in the open division and finished 161st out of 476 competitors as she posted a time of 2:46.28. The Edinboro Triathlon Club is a USA Triathlon (USAT) certified club and competed in the NCTC along with other schools such as West Point, Boston College and Slippery Rock.

The club always welcomes new members to train and compete. It can be found on BoroSync as well as on Facebook at EU Triathlon Club. Due to their performances, all of Edinboro’s Triathlon Club studentathletes will advance and compete in the USAT Collegiate National Championships in the spring.


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