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Wheelchair basketball preps for upcoming season

Story first appeared on on Oct. 28, 2015 and in the Edinboro University Spectator on Oct. 29, 2015.

Last season the Edinboro wheelchair basketball team was full of youth throughout its roster.

This year head coach Jim Glatch hopes that youth turns into experience.

“We return our starting five from last year,” he said. “We already see it in practice that the experience is there.”

All five of Glatch’s starting group is set to return. Derek Strickland, Ayuba Alli, Blake Rush, Shane Knox and returning All-American Mike Adams are all set to hit the hardwood this winter for Boro.

The Edinboro wheelchair basketball team opened up its season this weekend at Canadian Academy (Contributed/EU Sports Information).
The Edinboro wheelchair basketball team opened up its season this weekend at Canadian Academy (Contributed/EU Sports Information).

In addition to returning experience, Glatch noted that this year’s team will feature more depth with new recruits.

The 15th year head coach noted Kevin Atley, Sheamus Macnally, Will Speed and Michael Garcia among others that will help in reserve roles off the bench this season.

Having a bigger team and the depth certainly assists in the games. However, it helps in practices as well, according to Alli.

“This semester has been really good,” Alli said. “Practices have had a lot better atmosphere. Having guys to compete with really helps.”

The team will be competing against some of the best in the country throughout the season, however, at the end of year, those teams will be flooding McComb Fieldhouse, as Edinboro hosts the 2015 National Intercollegiate Wheelchair Basketball National Tournament in March. This is the first time Boro has been the host site since 2007.

“It’s an honor to host nationals, Glatch said. “Last time we had it, the house was full. That’s going to be a priority, to fill the house and represent Edinboro well in the stands as well as on the court.”

There is plenty of action before nationals, starting this weekend as the Scots head to Canada to face Canadian Academy.


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