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I’m coming home

This release is a exclusive.

Some of you reading this know, most of you don’t. This is to answer all questions.

At the end of this semester, I will be leaving Edinboro University.

The main reason for my departure is that I have accepted a job as a Communications/Public Relations Assistant and Office Manager at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. I will begin the position in December.

Academic wise, paperwork still needs to be finalized, but I have applied at Kutztown University with the intentions of starting in the spring of 2016. I’d major in electronic media with a minor in public relations.

I imagine that this news comes as a surprise to some of you. It certainly wasn’t something that I nor anyone for that matter was anticipating, even just as soon as two months ago.

Do not mistake this decision. I like Edinboro University. It has been nothing short of welcoming to me, even before I stepped foot on campus as an incoming freshman in the fall of 2014. I was Sports Editor of the Spectator, the university’s student-run newspaper, and Sports Director of Edinboro Television, the university’s student-run television station, before I attended my first class in the Boro.

Additionally, I was able to play a big part in the sports department of WFSE 88.9-FM, the university’s student-run radio station, and eventually work my way up to where I am now serving as Sports Director for the station.

Also, I was given a job doing video for the university’s Sports Information Department, which is a great set-up for me, someone who has a schedule not conducive for a normal, office work-study job on campus. I am very grateful for that.

However, I feel that this opportunity with VPCC is a great one, especially for a 20-year old. VPCC Executive Director Marty Nothstein and Events and Communications Manager Juliann Masenheimer deserve a huge thank you from me. They have treated me with nothing, but respect since the first day of my internship with them this past summer (even when I was grumpy for most of it with my horrible life schedule this summer). Additionally, they appreciate my work ethic, my mentality towards my craft and believe in my ability to grow in my field.

When Nothstein offered me the full-time staff position, I was shocked. I could not believe they offered a staff position to a then 19-year old and that he said, “I want you here.” It really showed how appreciated I am there.

After talking with my family, friends and current, close professors, I came to the conclusion, borrowing a phrase used by my family, that it is a “no brainer.”

This job will allow me to live at home, saving money on college expenses. It will allow me to gain real-world experience in my field of communications and achieve additional experience in business and sports management, something I don’t know too much about right now. As just an added bonus, the salary of the position, which is very generous for someone my age, allows me to get out of college debt, which has quickly piled up, pay the rest of my schooling out of pocket and save as well.

Of course, I will sorely miss so much about Edinboro. I’ve become such a part of this university, its campus media outlets and the athletics department, that this was an extremely difficult decision that I thought about for weeks before settling on a choice.

The journalistic experiences, ranging from operating a camera at a panel discussion on campus to covering the NCAA Division I Wrestling National Championships in St. Louis, are something that I learned so much from and will cherish forever. I’ve logged hundreds of miles of travel by plane, bus, van and car to do my best to cover and promote Edinboro University’s student-athletes.

The people that I have met are phenomenal. From my fellow students helping on a broadcast crew during a game to the university President, Dr. Julie Wollman, who now knows me by name and face recognition. Also, the coaches of Edinboro athletics that I have had the pleasure to work with so often and closely over the last year and a half, are some great people. They have treated me with nothing, but respect, and in some instances have made me feel as though I was a member of their teams. I have cultivated relationships, both personal and professional, that I hope will last a lifetime.

As I mentioned early on, I look to continue my college education at Kutztown University. Regardless of where I go to school in the future and where I receive my degree from, I will always consider Edinboro University my alma mater. This school is quirky, but I like it. It has helped shape the man and journalist that I am today. I’ve said it multiple times, that it was an extremely tough decision to leave, but ultimately I decided, I’m coming home.


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