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Do the Dallas Cowboys Actually Have a Quarterback?

Post first appeared on on Aug. 23, 2016.

One of the worst nightmares a Philly sports fan can have may be coming to life.

The Dallas Cowboys may have a quarterback. This may seem premature, but through two preseason games, fourth-round draft pick Dak Prescott looks like a Troy Aikman in the making.

The former Mississippi State quarterback has seen significant playing time so far this preseason and has certainly taken advantage of it. Against the top overall pick Jared Goff and the new (old) Los Angeles Rams in the preseason opener, Prescott went 10-12 passing, for 139 yards, and and two touchdowns.

I know stats can paint a different picture, so this Vine should back it up.

It wasn’t just beginner’s luck either as Prescott followed up the performance with an impressive 12-15, 199 yard, two touchdown performance against the Miami Dolphins in week two.

The Cowboys lost that game, but by the look of his passes in this video…



… Jerry Jones and co., are winning.

If this is Dallas’s future, the Wentz Wagon better be ready for some bumpy roads ahead.


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